We recommend showering, shaving, and exfoliating prior to a spray. Make sure not to apply any moisturizer, deodorant, makeup, or perfume! Completely clean skin achieves the best tan.


You may undress to your level of comfort during your spray. After your tan, we recommend wearing something dark and loose. The bronzer used in the spray formula may rub off on clothing but don’t worry – it washes right out!


We suggest waiting at least 8 hours after a spray to come in contact with ANY water. No showering, bathing, swimming, and don’t even think about doing those dishes!


It depends! Everyone’s skin exfoliates at different rates. We typically see our guest’s tans lasting anywhere from 5-10 days when properly taken care of.


We offer airbrush tanning. We find that airbrushed spray tans give a better overall tan that can be tailored to all body shapes and sizes!


While we don’t recommend it, it is possible. We use oils during our waxes and that can interfere with the development of your tan. However, if you need them done same day, please ensure your esthetician gives you a warm towel to wipe off any excess oil before your spray.


We suggest getting your wax 3-4 days out, and your spray tan 1-2 days out. This will give you the freshest results on the big day!


A Brazilian wax removes all hair from the pubic area – front and back. Leaving any hair is optional.


Best results come from hair that is at least ¼ of an inch, or the size of a grain of rice. We suggest waiting a full two weeks to allow for enough growth for the best results.


Yes! Please note, this time of the month can make you more sensitive due to varying hormone levels. We ask that you freshen up prior to your appointment and put in a fresh tampon.


Yes! Keep in mind, you may experience more sensitivity during and after your wax while being pregnant. Please feel free to consult with your doctor prior to your appointment.


We recommend waiting 4-5 weeks before coming back for your next wax. This varies depending on your hair growth cycle.

It’s really up to you! You can get a facial every month, or quarterly if you prefer. We offer memberships for our clients who opt to come once a month.